Tuesday, December 18, 2012

narrative final

My final project is a series of seven horizontal images. It is a study of how museums display preserved environments and how its visitors perceive and observe those environments. Each image was taken to include hints of the subject being enclosed behind panes of glass, building on the idea of how museum visitors are only given a specific perspective on how to view the exhibit. This specific view accompanied by constant lighting and related musical elements allow for the viewer to become immersed in this virtual reality. We allow our senses to believe in the staged museum environments.

The prints are sized smaller at 4” x 6” to mimic a postcard size and to get the viewer to come in closer to inspect and become involved with the images. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

final assignment proposal

for my final assignment, i would like to expand on my series for assignment 2: in plain sight. i would like to explore a new space and create images that expose the reality and inter-workings of that space. spaces that i am considering include the milwaukee county zoo and the milwaukee public museum. i would like to create about ten images at about 5"x7".